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About the project

A new Critical Care Unit (CCU) is being constructed at Barnsley Hospital. This will be constructed in between two existing courtyards and within a refurbished section of the existing building over several floors.

The courtyard works involves demolishing a single storey link building located between two existing external courtyards. A new single storey structure will be built infilling most of the area with a portion of the lower courtyard retained for a new look external wellbeing area.

The new CCU will include four critical care isolation rooms with lobbies, and twelve CCU bed bays. There will be a new store which can be converted at short notice into three escalation bed bays. Nine escalation bed spaces will also be created within the new CCU bed bays.

The first floor and the upper tower block will house new staff offices, staff changing rooms and on-call sleep rooms, as well as a suite of relative rooms. The facility will also include ancillary CCU rooms, a staff room, a visitors waiting room with reception and an assisted bathroom.

The logistics of removing material from within the existing building has been particularly difficult as the only access has been through an existing hospital corridor and an existing set of double doors. This needed very careful management working with the hospital in planning and building an alternative temporary corridor whilst we took possession of the existing corridor. Once this temporary corridor was completed our works could commence.

The works started with an extensive asbestos removal and the demolition of the existing link corridor. This has now been completed and the existing ground is currently being prepared for piling within the courtyard. Access for the piling rig will be via the existing corridor and double doors.

Piling is due imminently which will allow the ground works to commence. We are currently finalising the design and the logistics of installing the structural steel with a crane lift required in front of the very busy entrance.

Within the basement, there are a multitude of mechanical and electrical changes required for the existing and proposed works such as forming and amending pipework, mechanical equipment and cable routes. This work is currently ongoing and is progressing well.

There are also mechanical and electric relocation works on going on the existing roofs such as air con units.