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Progress so far

Hello, welcome to the first edition of our project newsletter for the New Critical Care Unit (CCU) at Barnsley Hospital.


The new CCU is being built at Barnsley Hospital. On the first floor, the refurbishment of an existing department will house new staff offices, staff changing rooms and on-call sleep rooms.

In the upper tower block floor a relatives suite of rooms will be formed. The ground floor will house a portion of the new CCU, which will be formed within the refurbishment of existing offices and the ex -theatre assessment area.

Following the demolition of the single storey link building located between two existing external courtyards, a new single storey structure will infill all the remaining courtyard, with a portion of the lower courtyard retained for an external wellbeing area.

Internally, the newly enlarged ground floor area will include four critical care isolation rooms with lobbies and 12 other CCU bed bays. There’s also a new store which can be converted (at short notice if required) into three escalation bed bays. Other escalation bed space is created within the new CCU bed bays, nine in total.

The facility will also include ancillary CCU rooms, a staff room, a visitors waiting room with reception and an assisted bathroom.

Works we’ve completed to date:

– Site establishment and welfare arrangements

– Relocation of existing bike shelters to create our site access and forming openings to our crossing point over the existing corridor

– Creating a temporary link into the courtyard for demolition and construction phases

– Temporary boarding to the surrounding windows for protection during the demolition phase

– Removal of redundant and diversion of existing services to facilitate the demolition

– Corridor re-instatement to provide an alternate route to link “O” Block and the remaining hospital

– Commenced demolition on Wednesday 15 December 2021

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Over the next two weeks

We’ll be taking a break for Christmas!

As you can see from the photo – we’ve just started the demolition work!

When we return in January, we’ll be making progress with this phase, which is programmed to take five to six weeks to complete.

Behind the scenes, the design team will be finalising the design and our commercial team will be completing the procurement of our supply chain.