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Clinical staff praise new ICU

The award-winning clinical team behind the brand new Intensive Care Unit at Barnsley Hospital came together with construction partners I&G last month to preview the new facility and look forward to how it will help them deliver even better care for patients.

At the event, hospital staff got to see behind the scenes for the very first time and explore what the new unit would offer them, both in terms of bed space, clinical equipment, and staff facilities.

Intensive care lead nurse at Barnsley Hospital, Laura Limb commented on what the new ICU means for the future of care in Barnsley:

“Nobody really wants to know too much about critical care and the things we do, if they’re honest,” she says. “There is a lot of emotion and turmoil in what we do and that came to the fore through COVID.”

Before COVID, the seven-bed Intensive Care Unit was on the hospital’s ground floor. Laura explained: “We had wanted a new unit for some years because we needed the capacity and there were other issues like a lack of natural light. When COVID hit, the entire unit had to move up to floor 5 and take over two general ward areas, not ideal for an Intensive Care Unit, but we had to find a makeshift solution during the pandemic.”

In the build up of ICU

Over the last 18 months, the I&G team have been developing the new unit within the footprint of the existing hospital, transforming run-down office space and an under-utilised courtyard area into a state-of-the-art new space.

The grand reveal of the ICU unit was marked by an archway, a fitting representation of how challenges were overcome. Thanks to the support and collaboration, the ingress of all materials and supplies needed to create the ward were all successfully delivered through a 2 by 2 metre space – the equivalent loading space for an ambulance!

The only way is through! Representation of delivery and logistics led by Paul Dyson

The power of partnership working

Christopher Carline, I&G Managing Director, praised the partnership working between the project team and the trust which brought the new unit to life. He said:

“There have been challenges throughout this project, not only from working in a live hospital environment but the limitations we faced with access and getting the materials on site. By working hand in hand with the Trust and clinical team we’ve been able to deliver a future-proof ICU for the people of Barnsley that will make a real impact. “

Celebrations all around!

The preview event also marked another key milestone for one particular member of the I&G team who celebrated his 20th anniversary of working for the business.

Paul Dyson, senior site manager at I&G, demonstrates time over time again his dedication and consistency to deliver on a promise. With a wide portfolio of work experience in acute care and a dynamic understanding of the supply chain in his day-to-day, it’s clear to see that Paul embodies the I&G core values to rise to any challenge – including the skydiving 27,000ft off the ground!