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Hello and welcome to another edition of our project newsletter.

Since our last newsletter, the site team have made some excellent progress on site. Both the roof and floor slabs have now been poured and completed. The roof finishes have commenced with the first membrane completed providing us with sufficient water tightness to commence the internal works.

The remodelling within the existing Emergency Department to form the new domestics room has now been completed and handed over with the cleaners settling in and moving out of their former storeroom in order for us to start work on the new switch room.

We have started to apply the intumescent paint to the structural steelwork which provides its fire protection. In addition, the small section of brickwork that forms the plinth is also underway.

Over the next two weeks

Over the coming weeks, it will start to get a lot busier with multiple trades on-site as M&E commence with their containment within the ceiling voids. The external fa├žade walling in metal structural stud work will be underway next Monday with the rain screed cladding following a few weeks later.

We will begin to prepare the new switch room in readiness for the new switch panel and will look to plan the main electrical cable pull/run from the main supply. We’ll also get underway within the existing ED to infill the existing window openings considering these will become internal spaces. At roof level, the finishes will continue and the new roof level plant room will begin to take shape.

Finally, we will continue and complete the structural modifications to the existing escape stair core.