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Welcoming space for Sheffield Health and Social Care

I&G have been working closely with Sheffield Health & Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (SHSCT) to refurbish and upgrade the new Health Based Place of Safety at the Longley Centre, which forms part of a larger global scheme to improve service delivery for the whole of the facility.

As part of a suite of projects to improve and renew spaces at SHSCT, I&G has been working tirelessly with the trust teams over the past five months to deliver this exciting office and support space, consisting of the new reception, office refurbishment and infrastructure for the Longely Centre staff and patients.

Marking the main access point for users of the site, the area has now been transformed into a therapeutic and calming space, to improve patient care and the way in which mental health services are provided by the Trust.

Transforming and future proofing staff space

Following the successful completion of the Burbage and Stannage Ward refurbishments at the Michael Carlisle Centre, I&G continue to work collaboratively alongside the Trust, their design team and consultants to ensure the refurbishment of the existing core and shell that was constructed six years ago was transformed into a usable and welcoming space.

Designed with a focus on comfort and safety, the refurbishment consists of a new open reception area with a seated waiting area. Enveloped with colourful wall art complete with ceiling sky panels to illuminate, we’ve created a welcoming and calming atmosphere. In addition to the new reception area, the scheme has transformed a previously disused area into a vibrant and engaging office environment for staff, patients and visitors.

New open-plan offices, break-out spaces, meeting rooms, interview rooms and welfare areas have also been introduced. The design was informed by the users of this space to create an adaptable environment that can be adjusted to suit the building users’ needs and any future expansion.

The scheme has benefitted from the installation and upgrade of heating and ventilation system to serve the building with a new mechanical plant to complete the works, ensuring the long-term future of the department at the Northern General Hospital site.

Whats next?

Thanks to the effort of the trust, designers, consultants and our hardworking team, the handover was completed ahead of time and in anticipation of the new connecting ward refurbishment, which we look forward to handing over in early December 2023.

The new ward will enhance patient care and wellbeing, with more bedrooms, dedicated triage and observation areas fitted with improved lighting and décor as well as enhanced provisions and a private internal courtyard for mental health. All of which will contribute to providing a safe and nurturing environment for patients and users alike.

Welcoming space for Sheffield Health and Social Care